Monday, 10 July 2017

First Season

Baby Kaiah is now a few days into her first season. I had been watching her carefully as it had been "brewing" for about a week. We will just have to see how things go with Loki on a daily basis, but Sammi is already growling at him for making advances towards Kaiah! Funny how these bitches are with their daughters!
We have a Ch show next Saturday in Malvern. Dogs will be judged in the morning, bitches in the afternoon so there is no problem taking a bitch in season to show providing they can travel safely together. If Loki is in a state by then I think it will be his turn to stay home. He's looking a little tatty with so much coat coming out and Kaiah looks great so I think it would be the better option.
Let the madness begin!
The breeder of the pups in Suffolk is going into hospital for surgery today but we have discussed a possible "pick up date" for the pup. They are 8 weeks on the Tuesday which kind of makes it difficult on that day as my co - driver is working. So provided she can get vet checks done and the paper work is through we will be able to pick up the week end before they are 8 weeks. I have often let pups go at that age myself, not at seven weeks, nearer 8 weeks, but not quite there yet. I often think it's the ideal age.
That same week end is when Louise, Steve's daughter and her family are traveling to stay over. Obviously they are not staying here, we have no space and with the grandchild's overwhelming fear of dogs it really would not be practical. Steve is so looking forward to seeing them as it's been years since their last visit. I can only hope they see things as I do and are careful with my precious husband! There is no way I want any part of trying to get the grandson use to dogs, I would not put my dogs in that position. They are not use to children, and those they see like Sarah's little Ellie at dog shows are dog proof. I wouldn't know how they would react to seeing a child behaving as badly as I hear he does. If puppy is here then I will definitely be keeping him away, he will be at a vulnerable time in his development and it could be damaging to him to see such abnormal human behavior. I guess Loki would be the best to deal with the situation as he was around children before he came here, so he at least has some experience, mind you they too would have been "dog proof!" I think the best bet is, if the question is asked to say, sorry No. As much as I would like to see the problem addressed it's not my problem and my dogs always come first!

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Lin said...

It's such shame he's so terrified of dogs but as you say you have to keep your dogs safe