Sunday, 16 July 2017


Our least successful day at a show for quite a long time .. ah well that's the way it goes, and we had been pre-warned by numerous people that we had wasted our money! The guys did me proud with the girls giving their all .. especially Sammi who really did work at it, but she was obviously not to the judges taste. Loki as usual did everything at his own pace. Even when another male GSD growled at him his response was to raise himself slightly and silently stare at him. You have to love the guy don't you! Anyway it was great to catch up with all my lovely friends, to quote my co driver Ian Turner .. It was a day out wasn't it!!!
 Beautiful Sammi waiting for her turn in the ring
 Kaiah looking amazing in my opinion 
Mr Loki, out of coat so not at his best - but what a star 


Lin said...

Well all I can say is the three of them looked as stunning as ever stupid Judge !!!!!!

ian turner said...

they did brilliant for you they all look stunning