Thursday, 6 July 2017

A Year Has Passed

A funny photo
one of our numerous trips to Walton! 
A year ago today I was waking up in Walton Hospital after my second brain op - (Or prison as I told one of the nurses in my hourly memory tests .. and I told her GM was prim minister!!) It took a lot longer to get over it than I thought it would, but these last 2 months I finally feel like I'm getting there. A little less fatigue and less restless legs at night but sadly my ability to sometimes find the word I need and my short term memory is still shit. I was quietly proud of myself for driving to Cheshire Show and back, my first drive of any distance without a co-driver in a long time. Mind you the alternate of Linda Lawton behind the wheel on the M56 was far too scary.
Two years is the average recovery from the bleed itself which was 29th Aug 2015. Any symptoms left after that will stay with me apparently. After seeing what I've seen in Walton I know how well I've come out of this and I now treasure the days so much more .... thanks to the ones who are always there for me, Onward and forward ... yeah I still know but I prefer to go forward than upward!

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Lin said...

You have done so well Rhian but even now don't overdo it but I think you know your capabilities x