Wednesday, 9 September 2020

Walking And Thinking

Sammi must be shit hot now, the boys are kennelled and the main man is getting a little worked up. I thought it best not to put Sammi in the van with Nico, so we walked around and about, bless him he turned tail to come home the once. Orin in missing Ross but it won't be long as Ross is quick to realise when it's all over .. Loki on the other hand tries his luck for a lot longer.
Kaiah's coat is coming out by the bucketful, she's starting to look skinny too, as she does. Funny how they lose condition as the coat comes out, she'll be more than happy if I now increase her meal size. I'm not sure what or how much I'll be posting about her season and mating, I may just write a private diary as before and publish it if and when. If I do that it'll be to defend myself, I get so invested and emotional that I have to take care of myself. Of course writing helps me, it always has, we'll see ... 
It's hard to believe that the "K" litter are almost 6 months. Orin is getting taller slowly, which is what I want. Reducing the protein is meant to help them from getting too tall too quickly, it seems to be working. I'm sure he'll be touching 60cms by 6 months as he was 58 last weeks, but he does look a little chunky, so I may need to watch his weight later. To be honest I'm not bothered about "A little chunky" now, fat of course, especially at his age would be quite something else!  
Yeah, almost 6 months but not a single show on the cards.
Life, but not as we know it! 

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Lin said...

Such a shame there's no shows as you have a super boy in Orin , hopefully things will ease and there will be some for him to win x