Sunday, 6 September 2020

Cats And Dogs

Sammi is starting to flirt today so it was separate walks all round. Though Ross is still a little come day go day about it all I know how quickly it can change. Loki is now separate from her, as is Nico of course! 
The Bed sofa has gone and now the new chair is in place, It's very comfy but I hadn't noticed it was too narrow for three cats. Poor Choo I guess will be the one missing out. 
By the way I've done nothing to the set up of the blog
So why the bottom column is at the side and the side is at the bottom is something that I can not explain! I'll give them a day or two to sort it out before trying to do it myself 😮

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Lin said...

Photos are lovely and sure the cats will she's it out xx