Saturday, 12 September 2020

A Mid- Term Measure

Orin will be 6 months next week-end. Hopefully we'll get photos in stance during the week and a headshot to mark the occasion. I need to go and pay my vet bill, so I'll leave it till the end of the week  and get him weighed then. (I doubt they'll send the bailiffs!) The other boys at this age have been approx 30kg with Loki and Ross being over 61cms at the wither at 6 months. 
I measure Orin last night and I'm really pleased that he's 59cms, I'm hoping therefore that he will be no more than 60cms next weekend which gives me a good chance of him staying within the breed standard. Not many judges notice when dogs are oversized, but some do, Ross and Loki were penalized at one of our last shows for being too tall, that seems a lifetime ago now doesn't it. 
Joe who owns Sisco commented on Sammi - a lovely type of bitch - just too tall! I know she is, but she's still perfect! Haha  There does seem to be a pattern from Nico progeny that unlike him they are tall. (he is 63.5cms - perfect height for a male, we are just use to seeing taller dogs aren't we) Kaiah isn't as tall as her mum, but she is top height too at 60cms, I guess only Ziva of the bitches is spot on here at 58cms. The breed standard is quite flexible, bitches should be 55cms - 60cms and dogs 60cms to 65cms, and 1.5cms over or below would be considered acceptable for a class 1 survey.  Clear definition of masculinity and femininity are essential, though I guess a strong big bitch is more pleasing that a feminine dog? I still giggle at the judge that said a young Loki would never be masculine enough ... haha, Loki says  "Look at me now!" 
Anyway if they are pets who cares about height, eye colour and tail carriage? As long as they are health, happy and loved. It only matters to idiots like me who usually spends our weekends travelling the country with their dogs hoping we might win a bit of card! 

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Lin said...

It will be interesting to see what height Orin will be next week and I'm sure we'll get some super photos of him