Wednesday, 2 September 2020

Asha, Perry And Things

I've been cooking for Asha now for the last couple of weeks, but sadly today she has diarrhoea again. Thankfully she's not ill but there must be a cause for this recurring problem. Katrina is still convinced that she has a tumour somewhere, but agrees with me that putting Asha through further intrusive procedures would be unnecessary and unkind. After all even if we got an answer there would be nothing we could do. Buying good quality time is all we can do, and generally the home cooked food seems to do her better. It's all trial and error on quantities, she has pasta or potatoes for carbs, then chicken, fish or egg for protein and fresh raw veg, she's even eating raw spinach, well no surprise with Asha really! If I was feeding a youngster I would be very concerned about the nutritional balance, but to be honest at her age as long as she reasonably satisfied them I'm happy to carry on ... As most of you know Asha would eat till she burst! 
Perry's not well today. I've no idea what keeps going on with him. I can only think that he's catching and eating something that doesn't agree with him. There were bits of rat in the front garden yesterday morning, and we know our neighbour is pleased that the rat population in his barn is depleting! No doubt they will be missing Isla, she was a huge hunter. I still dream about her, nothing significant I just see her sitting there ... though I've no idea where "there" is. Someone did upset me terribly last week by suggesting she'd probably had a run in with young lads and lurchers .. it really made me feel sick. Sometimes people are thoughtless. 
I'm pleased, but I'm not that Kitten William has been rehomed. Happy times for him I hope. I'm happy to think ahead and hope for Kaiah kids in January, then maybe we'll consider out cat situation when the rescue centre fills up again next year. People never learn, whilst I'm opposed to neutering dogs too young I think all free roaming cats should be neutered at 6 Months. A different species a different lifestyle. Luther has been out a lot recently, he's late for every meal, but with the weather changing no doubt he'll soon take his place on the mantle piece again. 
Sammi's season continues, I feel she is close to ovulation but from Nico and Loki I surmise that she is not quite there yet. They are both pretty keen but not manic .. Ross as ever prefers his kong! This time it'll probably go over Orin's head, but next year we'll have another boy to stress over with bitches in season. Taking everything into consideration it is paramount that Sammi is spayed after this season. 
The weather is poor here this morning and I've decided to wait for the heavy rain to pass before going out ... so who's going to entertain the puppy then? 

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Lin said...

it's such a shame for Asha but as you say as long as she's happy and feeling ok then just carry on doing what you're doing . Hope Perry soon feels better x