Wednesday, 16 September 2020

The First 24 Hours

Little Archie had his first visitor today. Auntie Linda, who because of lockdown had missed out on seeing the K litter was determind she was going to be his first visitor. 
Archie hasn't moved much in 24 hours, but left on his own his food keeps disappearing and someone is using the litter tray. He's a little shy but no way near as terrified as Perry was. I feel he is already relaxing a little and will soon get his confidence I'm sure. I'm not pushing him, a few cuddles and gentle words and meals served regularly I'm sure is all he'll need.
He's amazingly beautiful, so unusual looking. I'm sure he'll be a stunning chap once he's fully over his flu. Mind you I've not heard him sneeze at all and his eyes and nose are only a little bit sticky still. I've made up some bicarb and water just to give them a bathe a couple of times a day .. bless him he even lets me do that! 
I hope to get more photos as he ventures out of the tunnel .. Soon! 


carrie said...

An adorable little kitten ~ and glad Linda got to be his first cuddler. Just gorgeous.

Lin said...

Finally found it and loved having a cuddle with him