Friday, 4 September 2020

Family Resembelances

Sammi's endless season continues - day 21 and Ross still prefers his Kong. Loki is now kennelled and Nico is showing interest. Sammi of course is oblivious and enjoying life as ever. I guess we are quite used to her endless seasons, as I've said may it be her last! 
Today's photos really made me realise how much like Nico she still looks, have a look, she's at the back in the group of three with her mum Ziva in front of her. Nico as ever is with Jezi. I owe that dog so much, he really has put his stamp on Blanik hasn't he.
Saying that I see a lot of his father in Orin, though I can't deny that constructionally he does currently look like a young Louis. Though he is obviously taller at the same age (Currently 58cms) and Orin has a much darker mask there are still a lot of similarities. The colour, the huge coat, generally the glamour is similar, also Orin is slightly short in foreleg (which of course will probably change) and that too reminds me of Louis, who we always knew would be a little small. His short foreleg was why I was advised not to keep him and to keep his brother ... the best bit of advice I ever ignored!  Though there are current similarities I think Orin will come up more on the front and maybe then the similarities will disappear. I doubt Orin will ever be quite as exuberant either. Louis could be OTT, but I loved him for it, he loved every man .. and his dog or cat! 
Louis - Blanik Excentric 
My Mr Amazing 


Lin said...

Hope you manage to get Sammi spayed I know her seasons are a worry for you, but Ross made me smile prefering his Kong !!!!! Lovely photo of Louis what a snowman he was

carrie said...

First, happy birthday dear Loki, bet he had a good one. And King Louis the bouncer. Endless vitality, enjoyment of life, wonderful, loving, brilliant Louis. xxx