Monday, 7 September 2020

Mr Kitten

Confirmed as a boy this morning I have reserved him. You can see he's coming along well but Niel is not happy to let him go till the flu is clear. I totally understand that. I now need a name for a blue-eyed rather different looking little cat. 
The photos below are both of Pedigree Marbled Mink kittens. I know very little about pedigree cat colours but I know from experience that some pretty exotic colours can turn up in feral colonies. Gail's "Gucci" is a blue-eyed colour point - for none cat people she is marked like a Siamese.  Isla was a L/C Smoke and she looked just like a smoke Maine Coon .. again her mother was a feral farm cat We must never forget our stunning Oliver blue who was living wild with his black mother and sister in Crug Farm Nurseries. Oh and little Perry, well he's quite unusually looking too isn't he. 
So now get your thinking caps on - we need a name!

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Lin said...

He's such a lovely colour and so lovely and I know you'll come up with a wonderful name for him x