Wednesday, 9 September 2020

Puppy Isla

Now my lovely friend Sarah is a bit crap with her photos so when I get a photo or video I do get quite excited. Isla, as you know lives with Sarah but is in joint ownership between us. 
Anyway Isla is a month younger than Jessie and Isla has the black face. 
Joint ownership I think is only something you should do with people you totally trust, if it goes wrong the consequences can be disastrous. It was always my choice to keep a male from the K litter, but through Isla I now do have a chance of a puppy back in future from my bitch line. I hope to keep a bitch puppy from the "L" litter but would not rule out doing joint ownership again should the circumstances dictate. 
Sarah had always wanted a Sammi daughter, her and her mum Ivylene love Sammi .. and my god Isla looks so like her at the same age! 

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Lin said...

She's so beautiful x