Sunday, 6 September 2020

Marbled Mink?

I've chatted to Niel at Eebie Jeebie about the kitten and told him I'm interested in him, of course there already is a lot interest, but there's a strong chance that if he's a male we'll be top of the queue ... OK to be honest after a comment I made online he contacted me first, I mearly replied! 
I've been sitting here working things out, if all goes to plan with Kaiah then the kitchen could be free for the best part of 5 months, not even Perry took that long to settle. Steve came out with his classic line "We don't need another cat." My reply always is, "no but a cat needs us and what we have to offer." How easily I change my mind eh, I was so adamant that I was doing the right thing letting kitten William go elsewhere, and now I've done a complete u-turn. We've always had 6 cats and I have to face facts that after 4 months Isla will not be coming home, so maybe it is time to give another little one a chance of what we can offer. I'm still very paranoid about anyone else going missing and Luther's recent time keeping is not helping the situation.
Again I'm thinking about names. It's so important I don't get it wrong. I have dozens of names for a GSD bitch ... and one top of the list for a Sisco daughter (I hope and pray but I'm not telling) but I've not thought really about what I would call another cat. I do tend to choose the names here, though Steve picked Jezi, Sammi and Orin ... and Linda picked Mikey.
There was only myself to blame about the Jamie, Junior, Jimmy phopar, in principle it was such agood idea but hearing myself choking on all those "J" I knew something had to change! Thankfully the progression from Jimmy to Jimmy Choo to Choo wasn't difficult. I had always loved the name Perry .. though I giggled as Gail's face when I said I was using it, I knew she disliked the name. I still call him Perry Winkle .. good thing it hasn't been the same progression as Jimmy Choo!!!!  Luther was named after the Stunning Idris Elba character, love the name, love the character, and I point out again it has nothing to do with the devil, that is Lucifer. So if this kitten is male, and if we are lucky enough to have him then what do I call him? Archie? I like Archie, but I keep hearing Archie Mitchel in my mind. (Eastenders Linda!)According to Jackie who has Bengals if he was a pedigree cat then the colour would be classed as Marbled Mink .. Mink? Hmmm  different, but Ziva's puppy name was Minx. Seriously now maybe I'm moving ahead of myself ... let's wait and see what comes.


Lin said...

Now this could be exciting and I could be there when he comes to Blanik xxxxx

carrie said...

Think the name Eebie J after his rescue would suit either girl or boy !!