Monday, 23 March 2020

What Time Was It?

1.27am - Sammi's gone for a wee

Basil, Ken and Biscuit - I looked!

These photos were taken between 22.30pm yesterday and 1.30am today (The top one of all the litter being the latest)
I wondered as I took them exactly what time we were all done by at the vets on Thursday evening. I know we got there between 10.30 to 10.45pm and it was decided quickly that the best option was to go ahead with the cesarean. Later I remembered one of the vets saying, all the pups are here the right side of midnight, and Katrina messaging to ask if everything was Ok? I replied to Katrina at 23.45pm "9 ok waiting on Sammi to come round."- Sammi was at home with her kids exactly an hour later, and managed to walk into the house! So I guess we can say the secret 7 arrived between 11 and 11.30pm on Thursday the 19th of March - with Biscuit getting here at 6pm and Fudge 6.30pm. I'm just so pleased she gave birth to those two natural, it will have helped and her bond with her brood is unquestionable. 
I also wonder what would have happened had we not gone when we did? It scares me as Sammi was happy with her two, relaxed, calm and content. How long would the others have survived? If we had left it a few more hours would we have had 7 dead puppies? Would she have got ill quickly as they died? I guess they could never have been born naturally so a cesarean for 7 dead puppies. Breeding a litter is so so hard ...making sure you make the right decisions. All I can say is if you have a doubt, how ever small, then get help. Better to be wrong and look an over cautious idiot than loose everything. We constantly live and learn, Uterine inertia is now something that I and my large circle of friends will know all about!

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Lin said...

Love all these pics and they are keeping everyone smiling when at the moment there's not much to smile about. As you say you live and learn and because of your actions Sammi Belle has 9 wonderful pups, keep the pics coming xx