Wednesday, 4 March 2020

Mystery Solved ... And Sammi

It seems the general consensus is that the toy thief is a fox. Having posted on Facebook it seems we are not alone. Apparently Foxes love dog toys and are regularly seen playing with them. In the interest of friendship for my fellow creatures from now on I'll put the old toys out in the fields for them. I'll have to set the puppy camera on the field to watch. God I'd love to see that.
Talking of the camera, I'm doing OK with it. Though the comment on how simply it was to set up was a little misleading. Thankfully I found a step by step video on you tube, these things are only simple when you know how. I have it set to my phone and the picture is crystal clear. I need to know  if I can connect it to my laptop, if not I'll have to dig out the tablet. It also has a two way sound system, so if Sammi is up to no good I can give her a shout ... mind you with that belly if all goes well I doubt she'll have time to be up to no good!
Sammi - Day  45/46
We only did short walks yesterday and I did find that after 10 mins Sammi had slowed down considerably. The advice given in the Bible (Book Of The Bitch) that I have always followed is to exercise daily, fitness is important. Allow the bitch to do as much as she wants to do but to avoid long expeditions and climbs. There is never a concern that Sammi will go into cold deep water, which could cause abnormalities to the unborn puppies. But I've started taking a small towel with me on walks, just in case, she does like the ditches and puddles, but not to a depth that could cause issues .. Ziva on the other hand was a nightmare during the last stage of pregnancy - Ziva like Kiri before her likes to lie in cold water and pregnancy did not change that.
I made the decision on conformation that Sammi was pregnant that I would not be going to Crufts. I'm so proud to have 5 qualified, and Loki and Sammi are qualified for life ... the risk of carrying something back to a pregnant bitch is minimal, but still too great for me. Well to be honest anything to get out of going to that damned show .. lol. As dog shows go it's so low down on my list of preferences, it's far too commercial, to be honest it's more of a fair than a dog show but to the general public it is "The Show!" Anyway with everything going on I'm glad I'm not going. Health is paramount .. not that I'm too concerned about myself, but Steve and my parents would be a great concern. I think it should be postponed .... but of course that's just my personal opinion ... 

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Lin said...

How lovely it would be to see the foxes playing with the toys. Totally agree with you not going to Crufts for the sake of Sammi and of course Steve and your Mum and Dad , it's just not worth the risk