Monday, 16 March 2020

Taking 5 Minutes

Sammi taking 5 in the yard on a sunny Spring morning. Bless her she's back on the sofa with me now and no doubt will be hoping for a walk. Her temperature is still normal this morning  at bang on 38, so hopefully that's another 24 hrs at least before their is movement. Everyday is a blessing, though they should be viable now I just helps to know they are properly cooked.
Yesterday we popped to Tesco to get some chicken soup for Sammi. I always buy cheap chicken soup at this time, it is something most have seemed to fancy and encourages them to eat. Well you wouldn't believe it, not a single tin of Chicken soup in store. Tesco looked like it had been raided! What is wrong with people? This morning I went online to order the bags of bonio type biscuits that we get delivered from Pets At Home - out of stock! What? Well I guess 2 years in catering collage in the 80ies actually proved it worth as regards to the soup... I got chicken breasts and made her chicken, carrot and sweet potato soup, no seasoning of course. I threw a bit of pasta in and she loved it!

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Lin said...

Sammi is looking wonderful and your soup sounds brilliant where there's a will !!!!!!