Thursday, 19 March 2020

Almost A Disaster

We've always said that if Jamie lived in a town or even a village he would be road kill by now! He has no sense when it comes to vehicles, his attitude has always been, well it can go round I'm not moving. He also goes into any vehicle left open and if we ever have work men here we have to warn them to close doors and not leave any food about.
Anyway as I was setting out yesterday in the van Steve came out to open the gate for me. Of course Fat cat Jamie decided he would come too. I called out to Steve, watch him for me I don't know where he is. Steve gave me the thumbs up as he was walking with him towards the gate, I slowly reversed the van. Thankfully I was still unsure of where Jamie was as I could no longer see him in the mirror, so was taking it very easy. Suddenly Steve called out "Stop!" Jamie had stopped walking up towards the gate with him and was lying on his back right in the path of the van! It was too close for comfort .. and not the first time. What the hell more can we do with this chap? We are so careful with him but still it gets too close to call. I was quite upset but then smiling as I saw Steve trying to get him to move, he rolled, got up, moved 5 ft and flopped down again. Oh Jamie what can we do with you? Thank god you live on a mountain!

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Lin said...

He's one of a kind and I've been there trying to move him when we've come and all he wanted to do was have a cuddle so yes good job he's away from traffic x