Wednesday, 11 March 2020


I was chatting to Mum and telling her that poor Sammi was getting very unsettled at times now. Bless her I guess there are times when she just can't get comfy. Mum was asking how well she was eating and about walks. I told her that she's eating half her breakfast and I give her the left overs at lunch time and that otherwise she's currently eating well. To be honest after lunch time anything goes... As regard for walking I said she's only going for a short walk with her mother and her grandmother now. Mum went quiet and then started to laugh before repeating my statement "walking with her mother and grandmother."  She just found it hilarious .. but that is who they are; Ziva is Sammi's mother, Asha is her grandmother, Nico is her father, and Kaiah is her daughter. Taking it further, Jezi is her auntie,
Loki is her half-brother and Ross, well Ross is just the Southerner who isn't related to anyone.
Talking of the mouth from the south, coincidentally Ross may have come from Suffolk but his sire is Italian too. Larro was imported by Ross' breeder.  There seems to be a lot of Italian imports making their mark in the UK right now. Larro sadly has died but Sisco, Dingo and Chilli progeny are really at the forefront in the show ring at the moment. Having new healthy blood in the country can only help the breed long term...

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Lin said...

Great to read this and so lovely for you to have such a wonderful family which soon will be a little bit bigger x