Tuesday, 3 March 2020

It's A Mystery

There is no doubt about it, these are Blanik toys, toys which this lot took into our fields. Toys which we haven't really missed ... but toys that we categorically know are ours. So why did I find three of them together in a spot I never walk, in fields off our property? There is no way that our dogs took them to where I found them today, our dogs do not go into our own fields unsupervised let alone go off the property. The orange toy was in our field and used recently for Loki to take out there, the new one stays in the van, but Loki did not sit and chew it and has never chewed the rope off any of them. The purple toy still has the face that Steve drew on it when I said Kaiah didn't want it as it wasn't a space hopper with a face ... but as you can see his ears have been chewed off in situ. (Not on our property)  The kong has been out there that long it's pale pink, but intact and was with the purple toy and the red toy was just feet away. I'm really intrigued, do foxes steal and chew dog toys? Do next doors JRT run riot through our fields at night  and steal our toys? Or are they too much temptation for the ghosts of Blaniks past? That's a nice thought, however impossible  ... I like that! 


ian turner said...

Waw that's really strange i can only think that maybe the Smurfs ar up to no good and trying to blame loki

Lin said...

How strange and think it's nice to think Blaniks past come and have a play