Monday, 2 March 2020

Adding Adults To The Pack

Recently we've been discussing how older dogs cope with being re-homed. Well you know we like to believe they wouldn't cope without us but the truth of the matter is they do! Having worked in rescue for 12 years I know only too well how quickly most adjust. That's why we always say don't feel sorry for dogs in rescue, feel sorry for the ones who don't get there. Re-homed this dog will settle, it may take 2 days, 2 weeks or 2 months, but he will settle into his new normal. A few of you know that had my situation been different then there is no doubt I would have had him here .. ah well I hope the future is bright for him.
Storm and Simba 
Jay was the first older puppy who came here, at 9 months old he was already a twat. LOL  Our first mistake was to pay to get him away from his situation, a few of us clubbed together to get him to safety. It was only a mistake as they then went out and bought a collie bitch! Jay was happy in his home, oblivious I guess of the fact that you could get better. We had nights of howling, he tried to leave over the gate and a demolished a crate. It was about a week later when I saw his previous owners and the dog clung to me like glue, barley acknowledging the people he'd spent 7 months of his life with. Already he seem to know life could be better ...
Simba and Storm, well I guess that was different, both Blanik pups who came home in adulthood. My contract is strict. Should the home not work out then the dogs come back to me and I'm thankful to those owners who honored the contract. I've had the heartbreak of trying to find one that was re-homed by the owners friends, the owners had simply moved and left him behind! So yeah I've made some mistakes with my judgement of people, and it makes me so so wary when selling puppies. Simply now, if I don't like you or feel your situation is not right then sorry you're not having one! Of course I appreciate peoples circumstances change .. but I'm here for them and the dogs I breed. If I was not how could I justify bringing them into the world? Of course we found little Ben eventually ... we went to visit him and could only be grateful to his new owners for everything they did for him. Simba came back due to bad management, Storm due to personal circumstances. Though re-homing them would have been considered had the right home been available ... we didn't. They both lived out their days here.
Kai came from a show home, a huge strong, powerful dog in mind and body. He filled a room with his presence - I was so so proud of him. To loose him so young was heartbreaking, but I was blessed to have him for 3 - 4 years, blessed to know him and love him, and equally blessed to have one litter from him. Kai is Asha's dad.
Then there was Finlay. My failed foster. He was coming here from death row in 2007 for a short time only - and we lost him at at least 13 years old in 2016. He fitted in well, though being neutered and goofy the girls found him irritating, particularly Tali who did not suffer fools and yeah poor Finlay was a fool!
Nico - my darling Nico, Kai's nephew. Sold by his trusting breeder to a top kennel in Belgium to help enhance his line. She collected him a year later after the owner said the dog was not for him. She told me, and I quote "He was a mental and physical wreck!"  She was devastated. It's well documented here that a couple of months later we were chatting  and she told me about Nico - he moved in in September 2012. Physically he had healed by the time he came here, mentally it took a little time but it's huge credit to the dog that he is now who he is, his strength of character always shines through ..
Nico and Louis 
So yeah we have brought in a few older males and have mostly managed to successful interact them into the family. Dexi also went to Gwyn's for 4 months, but when he came back it was like he'd never been away. Jay was the hardest as Dexi didn't take to him, but Jay was a lovable fool and I could see how he could be annoying to the older male. Nico has been the easiest I guess. Trust and love grew quickly and thankfully he had Louis to guide him successfully on his way for a fair few months. Nico was off the lead on the mountain with Louis within 48 hrs of arriving here ... I knew that dog wasn't going anywhere .. he's nine soon, and I still trust him completely. Horses for courses I would never have let Jay off the lead 48 hrs after he arrived here .. but in the company of the pack I did before the week was out.
Back to the beginning and I believe that dog will settle, his life will be different, very different. I hope  if it happens that he loves his new normal.
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Lin said...

I've been there for all the wonderful dogs you have taken back and they ended up with the most fantastic lives with you even back to wonderful Rocky and yes they soon adapt to their new lives and well done to you for all you do for them you really are so caring from the minute they come into the world you do you're best to make sure they get wonderful homes

Tali said...

Aww Lin .. thank you