Tuesday, 10 March 2020

Update On The Girls

Granny Asha's temperature is bang on normal this morning. She's had scrambled egg and pasta for breakfast and will be having the same tonight. From experience the worst thing you can do is put them back on normal food too quickly, but I may add some to the pasta tomorrow morning and take it from there.

Sammi only ate half her breakfast this morning and considered throwing the rest - those who have seen her with a water bowl at a show will know what I mean - something she never does at home with water bowls I hasten to add. Anyway I've put it aside for her for lunch time. I decided to bring her into the kitchen whilst we had out tea and toast just to see that she was OK, she was desperate for toast so she was. Maybe now she need her own food split into 4 then, or maybe a lighter breakfast . They do usually show us the time, I guess breakfast is too much to face when you are already that full!


carrie said...

Read both blogs on Asha and Sammi ~ and had to laugh at food being the main issue.!! Often find myself handing over a treat, dentstick, piece of toast without realising I am doing it, then worry it is a form of informal training. Dogs are so bright it only takes a few times to establish a pattern, e/g/ knock on the window with a gravy bone, in she comes, fling it on settee and shut the door quick !! Never taught that at club, just learnt it all by myself. But seriously, glad Asha is better and have a
feeling Sammi might be going for a record. We need cheering up with all this gloom and dire warnings, uncertainty how much hand wash to buy~~~ Good luck Sammi, won't be long now. xx

Lin said...

So pleased Asha is doing well and not long now Sammi x