Sunday, 22 March 2020

4 Am Photo

Last night just seemed the longest night. I really couldn't sleep. The camp bed isn't the best, but you know it is what it is and it's doable. Really I was haunted with all the talk of the virus and was concerned about the future and the future of the little family peacefully asleep in the box. Maybe I need to stop reading the internet info, maybe I should just watch the news once a day and then try to live life as normal, well as is normal now. I've kept to my own property the last few days, I've not even roamed beyond the fields. I will miss my mountain walks but I fear very soon the fields will be all that's available for us. Lucky us I guess.
Sammi and the K babies had a great night. Even with me bouncing about Sammi didn't move from 10.45 pm to 6.45 am. She had drinks in bed and a boiled egg at 4 am... as you do! This morning as I changed the bedding I realised how much the white had already faded on two of the bitches - Spice and Chilli now have hardly any white and are increasingly hard to tell apart. They both have tips to one back foot and the classic tail tip that Kaiah and Ziva had. Winnie has no white, Ginger her two left feet (white) and Beth has a little more white - but that is fading now too - HELP!
Boy Biscuit is easy to pick out as is Ken, but Fudge and Basil are similar though Fudge is larger and Basil has a tip to his tail. At the end of the day I can only imagine that Ken and maybe Beth will have white in a few weeks .. hopefully by then I'll know them anyway, if not I'll just have to resign myself to the odd collar.
These pups are obviously smaller than Sammi's last lot. With only the three they were born huge and seem to double in front of my eyes. I think the best way to keep an eye is to compare their weights with Asha's nine. Luckily I have the weekly weights of most of the litters. Puppies in larger litters are usually smaller, Asha's pups were, Loki was one of 10 and small... and so was Ross, they soon catch up don't they! I discussed topping them up with powdered milk with two friends, they both said the same, there is no need the bitches milk is far better. I have always believed the same and never used powdered milk but of course would if the bitch was struggling. Mummy Sammi has the best milk.
I've been sorting out the names and so far on top of the list for the bitches is Kamri, Klarrisa, Kazia, Kayla and Khandi. For the boys Kanani, Kyriacos, Kazio, Kian. Of course it's too early to register, I really don't want to tempt fate!


Unknown said...

Enjoying the detailed update. Glad to hear all is going well with mum and puppies. Hope you settle better yourself tonight.Y.

carrie said...

Don't think any of us sleeping well at the moment.5am Sunday morning, 6.10am today.My niece was ordering food at 4am yesterday, but at least you got puppies and Sammi to think about!! Lack of sleep is really mis erable, but suppose we can nap during day.
All this uncertainty on what and where we can go is frazzling. Renault needs MOT now, am going to phone Alan later for advice. Thanks for all the info on pups, and the photos are adorable. Keep safe Rhian, xx

Lin said...

Lovely to read and I'm loving all the pics, we're doing the same as you and not listening to lots of news but Mums watching every news that's on the she's giving me a running commentary!!!!!!!!!!!