Saturday, 14 March 2020

In The Box

We are watching you Sammi B. LOL 
Lots of movement in her belly and I've taken her temperature 37.7 c - so very normal so far. 
She's hardly eaten today - well other than treats, eggs, fish and of course carrots! I'm really chuffed with the quality of the photo from the CCTV though I'm damned if I can get it to connect to the laptop. Damn it, and my tablet is just not playing. Mind you it hadn't been on for years! But if I can get this quality and clarity to my phone then I shouldn't complain. 


ian turner said...

Definitely a good idea to get a camera you will be able too keep an eye on them without disturbing sammi to much letting her feeding them

Unknown said...

Great picture from CCTV, Sammi seems quite content there in the box. Y.

carrie said...

Aw, soon be puppies in that box ~ so sweet Sammi is so at home, wonder if she remembers what's coming? x

Lin said...

This is so clear and will give you peace of mind to be able to see what's happening x