Thursday, 19 March 2020

Self Isolation - But Not Ill

There must be worse places to be stuck eh! 
The dogs all out on our land today. Sometimes it's good to just mooch at home ...
 Jezi and Nico
Chalk and cheese, the pale faced bitch, the black faced dog 
 Ziva and Asha 
Mother and daughter 
Ross, Loki and Kaiah
Poor Loki being pushed out 
Tantrum time
Sammi threw her toys out of the pram and I had to take her out.
Temp was still on 37.7 this morning but bless her she's puffing, moaning and very unsettled.
She's eaten very little today, picked at some chicken and egg but had no interest in fish and pasta for lunch.
I guess tomorrow is her due day so it looks like she's going to keep us waiting till then at least. 

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Lin said...

Pics are lovely and at least you've got your land to have fun on x