Tuesday, 10 March 2020


Just when you think you have won the sheep war another battle begins. They have tried again to get through from the farmers fields and pulled the wall down. I can't imagine any got through here but all the stones had gone down to the other field so I was unable to replace them. Anyway I carried some over and did the best I could. Yesterday I blocked two holes off next doors track into the top field. I finally found a use for the Xmas trees that are discarded up here anyway. One a year for three years are now blocking a hole in the wall! But still 2 sheep in the yard by dinner time .... ahhhh.
The room is getting set, that box looks tiny. It must be the angle of the photo. 


carrie said...

Mending walls can be like sticking your finger in a hole in the dam! Couple of years ago bought bamboo cane panels to put round the whole garden, despite wire, hedging, etc. Two years later half of it blown down, quarter fell apart and rest looking a real mess.
But quite a few holly seedlings self planted, but when grown painful to prune!! Think best to just stick to hawthorn, pyracanthus, but that too hard to prune without getting v sore fingers. Good luyck with the sheep.

Lin said...

Bloody sheep they'll get anywhere maybe we'll catch where they are getting in next week. Looks like you're all ready and just waiting now to fill the box xx