Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Long Coats?

Last night was not the most peaceful of nights, someone screaming, shouting and getting in a muddle on a regular basis. I must admit I was glad when the day shift got up at 7am and I got a couple of hours in a proper bed.
My early prediction is that there are no Long Coats (LSH) in this litter. Of course it's early days but at the moment I can not see that classic LSH head shape in any of them. For a bit of fun last night I posted on a GSD page on Facebook, "how many LSH can you see?" Of course some took it seriously, but mostly it was taken as it was meant. Sammi did not produce any in her previous litter, but with only three there that wasn't maybe an accurate conclusion that she does not carry the gene. Kaiah, her daughter is tested - and does carry the gene, but of course she could have inherited that from Merlot.
In the current climate selling these puppies will be a different and difficult experience for me. This will be the first time that maybe I'll have to let the pups go to their new homes without having previously met the owners. I will just have to go with my gut. At least I'm already in contact with everyone and most have come to me through friends in the breed. Typically so far I could have sold 2 more males, but I have 2 females that are yet to be spoken for .. there is interest but nothing confirmed. Still it's very early days. I need to reassess my contract and discuss it with the prospective buyers too.. and I enjoyed looking at one of the prospective homes on google earth - with the owners full knowledge of course!


Unknown said...

You must be shattered not getting a full nights sleep. Enjoying the daily puppy fix and info though thank you. Google earth is a great tool to use lol. Thanks for the interesting blog. Y.

Lin said...

So lovely to be able to see the pics of the pups and watch their progress x