Friday, 6 March 2020

The Girls At 7 Weeks

Asha who was carrying 9
Ziva Who had 6
Sammi at 6.5 weeks 
Ziva was huge but as I've said before had the easiest of births with just so much fluid. 
At each birth the whole place was soaked, but I bet she hardly noticed passing them. 
With Sammi only having three in her previous little the little buggers were huge with one of the boys being 1lb 9 at birth, in contrast little Ivy, Ziva's smallest was only 1lb 12 at a week old! Asha's Tini struggled to gain weight and was only 1lb 6 at a week old - that was Danni struggling to feed that first week with her little bent feet - they had been bent in the crowded uterus - as they straightened she soon caught up, as they do, and what a strapping big girl she looks to be now! 
Sammi is still eating well and taking her walks but I smiled this morning as I thought of Tali's last week of pregnancy - she ate only carrots and sweet biscuits. Bless her, we miss her so much and I regularly see her defiance in her granddaughter ... bet you know which one!!!   


Lin said...

Great to see these pics and Sammi is looking really good and I wonder who's defiant !!!!! ha ha ha Kaiah x

Tali said...

But Linda - Kaiah is not Tali's granddaughter. To be fair Kaiah is more obedient than Tali and her granddaughter put together!

Lin said...

Woops sorry Kaiah and you will be great great granddaughter to wonderful Tali but I think a bit of her lives on in you all some more than others xx