Thursday, 12 March 2020

I Said No ..

Last night I had a call from a lady in Cheshire, she'd heard about Sammi's pregnancy from a friend of a friend. Well Ok as it get's nearer time and I get more excited more people know and people talk. She was looking for a bitch and the conversation was going quite well until I asked where the puppy would sleep. She announced proudly, "I've got a brand new kennel for her to live in!"  Not for one of my puppies you haven't! I told her I was sorry but I would not sell to anyone who kept their dogs permanently outside. She was shocked, but my puppies my right to choose and I'll never sell to anyone again who's dogs are permanently outside.  I know we all have difference of opinion but I had such heartache in the past over the Blanik baby who left a warm busy home at 8 weeks and ended up alone in a kennel and yard. No sorry Mrs but what I want for these is a home, a family not a kennel and isolation!


netta said...

I don't blame you one bit, all our dogs have baskets in our bedrooms, except the mini dacshund, and he sleeps in bed with us along with the 5 cats!

Lin said...

Totally agree with you , I can't understand why someone would do that and not have the pleasure of them being part of the family

Unknown said...

Absolutely your right, no way an outside kennel for a little puppy, I bet you couldn't believe it when she said that. Warm snuggly home only for one of your pups totally agree with you. Y.