Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Naughty But Funny

It's funny you post something on Facebook because you love it, hate it or find it amusing. But because you do it doesn't mean other will find it so does it. Kaiah was so funny again on today's walks. This hiding game of hers can be so irritating at times, but to be honest mostly it's just funny. I posted these two photos as a separate post on Facebook, they really amused me and I thought others would find them funny too, maybe not then? Maybe you have to know her to "get it?" Maybe Facebook folk just appreciate beautiful photos of photogenic dogs posing in lovely countryside eh?
 The boys have seen her, but can you?
Zooming in - Little cow! 
This today reminded me of the last time I was at Cwm Dulyn. Kaiah went flying over the style that's over the wall like a squirrel .. as she would. Ross ran to the top of the style but stopped, seeing as he's clumsy I thought I'd give him time to go down, but he stood there. Loki lost his patience and ran up the style, but fell backwards as Ross was blocking the top, Loki tried again but when he got to the top he stopped too. Neither would move and I was stuck the other side. I decided to push up and see what the delay was, I could just get far enough to see Kaiah laying on the other side daring them to come down. Anyone who knows her will know exactly the expression I'm talking about. That naughty devilish twinkle in her dark eye can stop two 40 kg males in their tracks. I had to push Loki over .. what else could I do? We'd have been stuck there all week otherwise, and no way could I push Ross off because he'd have probably landed on his head or broken something! 


Lin said...

I'm laughing as I'm reading this as I can see it all happening x

ian turner said...

i can definitely see the funny side of her with her expression on her face she makes me laugh just looking at the pictures . so good knows what your like out with her you must be in sterics laughing