Monday, 3 December 2018

Vets And Gyrn Goch

 This morning I had to take Ross and Oliver to the vets. Ross still has a sore rash around his bottom, and nothing we were doing seemed to clear it. Just as we thought it was clearing it would return. I was certain that there was nothing untoward going on with his bottom but with this rash not clearing I was getting concerned. Anyway as we thought, there is nothing to worry about and his anal glands are fine, it's just a sweat rash. As it's not clearing and sore he's been given antibiotics to shift it and we've been told to continue washing and careful drying him with Hibi Scrub. Funny isn't it, I don't have a problem washing my dogs bottom ... just don't ask me to do yours!!!!!!!
Oliver seems to have damaged his tail. On Saturday morning his tail was hanging limply and he was walking strangely, a bit like John Wayne! He did seem to have a bit of discomfort around the base of his tail but he was eating normally so I felt it was not a Saturday morning emergency vet visit. Though I felt today that Oliver was better I didn't want to leave it unchecked, he's an old man now and extra care is needed. The vet concluded that there was pain and a click at the base of the tail and that the tip of his tail was numb. There was no obvious spinal arthritis and the reflex in the rest of his tail where OK. She has given Oliver some anti-inflammatorys but at a low dose as he's elderly and kidney problems are so common in old cats and these medications are known to cause reactions in kidneys in some animals. I discussed Oliver's weight with her, she agreed he was a little thin but reassured me that for an old cat he was looking OK and told me there was really no cause for concern. Anyway hopefully there is an improvement in the week or I'll have to take him for Xray's.
On the way home we stopped at Gyrn Goch. Ir was so lovely there. Made me think of rain forest. Kaiah went looking for Dingo Dollars so she could find Kev's Kiosk, Ross on the other hand was happy with his stick! I know he shouldn't be doing it, but what can I do? I've no idea, except move before he knocks me over with it!

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Lin said...

Glad all was ok at the vets and love the pics