Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Do They Look Alike?

Junior and Choo
I can't see that they do myself. Facially they are all very different, but Choo and Jamie have similar blotched tabby markings. Junior's colour and markings are very different with fine lines and spots through a lighter back ground. Both Choo and Junior are tall and much more athletic looking than Jamie but with such different body markings they really do not resemble each other. Jamie is .. how can I say it? Stockier is possibly a nice word? 
Jamie and Junior sat outside. You can compare Jamie's large blotch tabby markings and Juniors thin stripes and spots from these two photos. Junior is a mackerel tabby with a few spots thrown in for good measure I guess. A mackerel tabby cat has narrow stripes that run in parallel lines down their sides. The Classic Tabby, (Jamie and Choo) also known as "Blotched" or "Marbled" tabby tends to have a pattern of dark browns, ochres and black but also occurs in grey.
Isla is also a tabby.  A smoke tabby - but some would call her a black smoke, others would say black smoke tabby .. that safeguards you on all grounds I guess! You can see the tabby marking on her in some lights, especially on her posh tail! 
And Perry - Honestly, I've no idea? Grey tabby and white, Blue Tabby and white? Someone must know! 
Interesting article about Smokes here ..

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Lin said...

Must admit looking at the pics they're not alike but I do get them mixed up when they're out and about apart from the obvious ones ,at least I wont mix Perry up, and all of them are stunning x