Thursday, 6 December 2018

Neutering Days

God I hate these days. I dropped little Perry off this morning. I was lucky to see Malan the vet, who is lovely and asked about Ross and Oliver. Perry was checked over and weighed .. bless him he's only 2.5kg .. compare that with his sparing partner Jamie at 6.7kg .. Ooops a bit of an unfair fight!
I'm so tense; I know it's a routine op and I know it has to be done, the risks of not doing it are too great but I hate these days. I hate leaving them there and I worry throughout the day. I know that there is only a small chance of it going wrong, but that small chance always escalates in your mind when it's one of your own. It's not just that I don't want him to be responsible for adding to the over population of cats, FIV (feline aids) is so prevalent in rural feral cats that I could never consider keep an entire cat unless they were confined within the home or a pen, and that is not what I want for my cats. This place is a cat heaven ... I want them to live life to the full and enjoy everything rural Snowdonia has on offer for them.
Now it's the waiting game ... Hopefully I'll be updating when he's home and shouting for food!

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Lin said...

This is what I missed yesterday sorry Perry but by now I know you're fine x