Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Kyle Will Be Kyle

Very mixed feelings here, my boy is going to Caernarfon next Tuesday. Part of me is over the moon, he couldn't get better but part of me will be heartbroken to let him go. It will certainly be an emotional few days.
Kyle will be keeping his name, they love it and feel changing it is unnecessary. I never meant it to be a permanent name for him, but I'm glad he's keeping it now really, not many GSD's called Kyle about are there!
Last night I took Kaiah to the new Ring Craft in Pentrefelin, she was OK, but definitely not as confident flying solo as she is as part of a duo. Without doubt it will do them both good to now develop individual personalities. Left with someone else whilst I had a turn with Loki last night she screamed .. ah well already keeping up family traditions then!!!

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Lin said...

Fancy screaming because you left her to go a long long way from her LOL ,She'll soon get used to being without her sidekick Kyle and so pleased you'll still going to see him though giving him up will break your heart x