Thursday, 19 January 2017

Parc Eryri

I had a lovely walk in Parc Eryri with my friend Iris, Kaiah, Kyle and their Uncle Loki this morning. I've not been there for a while and have to admit the swans are now pretty daunting! They have evicted a female for the flock (is it a "flock of swans" one wonders?) and she is now living alone in the play area. Hopefully she will take off and find herself a new home!
The pups had a great time and so did their Uncle Loki ..
Iris was over the moon to meet Kyle and can't wait for him to move in with them next week.
I've warned her their will be tears!!
 Group Photo
 Are you coming pups?
 No they didn't go in!
Come on Kaiah, lets run...

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Lin said...

Love these pics and looks like they all had fun bet Iris can't wait to get Kyle home.