Thursday, 12 January 2017

Article By Tom Cridland

It is thoroughly shameful that, in the wake of George Michael’s hugely tragic passing on Christmas Day, the British tabloid media have chosen to publish malicious stories theorising the cause of his death on an almost daily basis. I urge their editors and writers to imagine if this was their son, sibling, nephew, friend or boyfriend, and how they would feel if, in spite of a post mortem that the police confirmed as inconclusive, rumours of drug addiction, alcoholism, depression and suicide were spread for no good reason. Tabloids often argue that stories of this nature are published due to them being “in the public interest”. I hope I can speak for the British public when I state wholeheartedly that we are not interested in this nonsense. We are only interested in celebrating the monumentally brilliant art that George shared with the world.

This is exactly how I feel.To read it all click on the link above (in Pink)
Flowers yesterday at George's Highgate home, the flowers at Goring are equal. 
So much love - so sad. 
I've not yet listened to a song, watched a video or a tribute. For me it's just easier not to right now. 

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Lin said...

I read it all and like you agree those words are so true x