Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Is It All Lies?

I must admit I'm very confused over everything that's going on in my George World. The hatred directed towards Fadi on Social Media is shocking, I can't help but think that George would be horrified. The tweets that Fadi's suppose to have sent implying that George took his own life were initially shocking, (the tweets but maybe not the contents, we all know how long George struggled with depression) but Fadi now says his account was hacked and he did not send them. Indeed the grammar and style of writing has been been made to look like it was him, (English is not his first language) but would he miss spell his partners name? I think not, so again I give him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he did send them, drunk and grieving, maybe he let the cat out of the bag when he shouldn't have done? Is that enough to see him hung, drawn and quartered? The so called interviews that he's done with "The Sun" and it's like? As if, sorry we never believed a word they printed before why should we now?
There is no doubt that things don't add up. George was alone on Xmas Eve, Why? Fadi was sleeping in the car? Why? Maybe they had a row?  After a row I did leave my x husband out in the van for the best part of a night. Also Fadi seems to have contradicted himself on the timing. He said he found George first thing in the morning .. but the ambulance wasn't called till 1.45pm (ish) Again maybe in grief he was muddled with his time frame.
Hopefully time will tell and I do hope George's memory will be a peaceful and eventually a happy one. However he died, there is no bringing him back and for the time being I continue to support Fadi in his grief.I do hope I'm not proved wrong, I do hope you Rest In Peace now dear George.
The photo is believed to be the last "Fan photo" of George taken on the 9th of December at the studio. A short video shows him drinking tea/coffee and "moving to the music!" The foreign lady who took the photo said George looked well and was happy to sign autographs for them.

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Lin said...

You may never know what happened just hope they leave him alone and don't start making stories up about him x