Monday, 16 January 2017

It's Time

Sadly Steve and I have come to the decision that we now need to find Kyle his forever home. We have discussed it with his prospective show home and they understand that now his needs come first. I cried last night and I'm crying this morning but we must put his needs first and hanging onto him any longer would simply not be fair. He needs to find his forever home and needs to start living his life.
Kyle is a great little guy, lots of fun and affectionate. I do everything with him that I do with Kaiah, he's been to places like Pets At Home and  Dog Club so he's pretty well socialised but obviously at his age he's still a work in progress and needs to go out and about as much as possible! He needs a home with someone who will exercise him in mind and body where he can thrive and grow into the stunning adult he's destine to be.
Kyle has had a vet check, is micochipped, vaccinated and is up to date on wormers. The only consideration when taking him on is that if the testicle doesn't come down he will need to be neutered at 12 - 18 months as there is a great risk of a tumour on the undecended testicle. Testicles are designed to be outside the body and temperature within the body in is too great for them to remain healthy.
So now I'm starting to put the feelers out as it where, he won't be going to just anywhere. Our boy needs an A1 home.

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Lin said...

Hope everything works out for Kyle wherever that may be he looks a wonderful boy x