Sunday, 8 January 2017

That BIG Birthday

The Four Generations Of 2005
12 year old Nikki (centre) her daughter Seffe,
Granddaughter Krizzie
and a baby Tali 
Twelve really is a big deal isn't it. It's that age that not many GSD's seem to get too, or loose the fight shortly after it. Nikki was 12 when we lost her, but only 12 and a month. Her kids Seffe and Dexi didn't quite make it to 12, but both where pretty close. They use to say the average age for the breed was 9.5 years, now they say 9 - 13 years which I guess is better odds, but scary as Asha will be 9 this year. Mind you she seems as fit as a fiddle, here's hoping she follows in her mums footsteps eh!
So yesterday I decided Tali would have a special walk on her special day. She doesn't need to walk for miles these days, 30 mins is about the average that she does comfortably, as the little ones were with her yesterday's walk was obviously shorter. But to go out in the van and go somewhere she hadn't been in a while always goes down well, even if the walk was noticeable shorter.
Tali's mobility is still super, she has no difficulty in jumping in and out of the van or climbing on the sofa. She shows no lameness or stiffness, but doesn't really run much anymore. Sadly she does obviously have her problems, what ever she ate that day 3 years ago on the mountain sure has caused long term damage to her intestine/digestive system. I guess that is the biggest battle we face with her, especially now as she's awkward about taking the powder and yogurt. She is going deaf and has the nuclear sclerosis, but other than a little extra care and a yellow coat for me as she can't see dark colours as well, it really isn't affecting her life.
Today Tali will be going out with Asha and Ziva, it's thick mist again so I will have to watch she keeps up. Anyone who knows her will know she will think it's my responsibility to keep an eye on her, she will be far to busy to watch where I'm going! Like I said earlier she has slowed down a lot, and though she will break into a trot at times she does tend to plod and walk now; though she is happy in her own world on the walk, and you try going without her!
Tali does seem very happy at home these days, maybe it's all the toys about for the pups? Whatever it is she's never ending with one toy or another to shred or dunk in the water bowl. She's also throwing her weight about and bit Loki yesterday for leaning against her as he sat down, she also snapped at Kyle as he bumped into her during his wacky races with Kaiah .. unfortunately she did leave a mark on his face. I guess with old age comes less tolerance, not that she has ever suffered fools or foolish behaviour anyway.
For an old lady Tali is doing well, though she has obviously aged in the last 6 months I guess for 12 she's in good shape.  I can only hope that in a years time I'll be writing about another big birthday!!!


carrie said...

MANY happy returns darling Tali. All your comments about slowing down and happy at home seem to ring a bell!!! She is a wonderful old lady, and knows her place in the world. The yoghurt I get from QVC is all different flavours, natural cultures, and my boys love them all, even the Greek ones?Can order direct from Easiyo! Also v easy to mix with water, and cheaper and fresher than

Lin said...

Lovely to see Tali looking so good she really is a grand old lady. x