Wednesday, 11 January 2017

A Matter Of Taste?

I know I take a lot of photos of the animals, well mainly of the dogs. Maybe some people get bored of them on social media, but my page, my photos; and as I store them in albums it's easy for people who chose too to scroll past them and say nothing. Actually I guess the albums are mainly for me, I just love to look back at the memories of happy times with the kids. What I find so odd is that often the photos I really like seem to get ignored for photos which I find less appealing and again that happened yesterday. I got one photo of Kaiah yesterday which I really love, one that shows her as she is in my eye, it's shows her strength and beauty as well as her cheeky expression; and I got a couple of others which are Ok I guess. The one I really love has been passed by by everyone in favour of another, in my opinion less typical photo that is not even that clear. (Ok that was partly the mist!) I also took a photo of Kyle standing naturally which shows his lovely shape, I thought there would be at least a little feedback on it by this morning .. nothing, but comments on other photos of him. Odd isn't it, but I guess the fact we all see things differently is what makes the world go around!!!
Natural photo of Kyle standing - for me this shows his lovely unbroken, unexaggerated lines, great angles and stunning head. 
But maybe just me then? 
Just love this photo of my cheeky little Kaiah stalking her brother.
This photo is ok I guess, but to me doesn't compare to the previous one


carrie said...

Could b U are using your professional eye, and viewers are going with their heart:~} I think all the pics are gorgeous both in stance and natural. Two soopa doopa pups!

Lin said...

Love all the pics you put on of all them they are all so wonderful x

ian turner said...

you know how i feel about the little ones rhian i love them to bits and all the rest of them to. sorry if i havent commented on one of your favourate pictures yes i did see it and im sorry lol you are wright though i get the same feeling some times when i put pictures up you think you might get more comments on special ones