Friday, 27 January 2017


Tali's vet visit went Ok, the vet agrees with the earlier diagnosis that Tali has IBS. Whatever she ate back in 2013 has caused irreparable damage to her digestive system. They are trying her now on steroids and b12 injections. Here's hoping for some improvement.
This afternoon I popped up to the Rescue Centre where I used to work, I had loads of old bedding and as ever they are short of stuff for the animals. It was nice to see everyone though not many of the felines around the place where familiar to me anymore.
I then went over to Cwm Dulyn with the youngster and had a short walk then some fun by the lake. Kaiah is so obedient, I just hope it's who she is and that she doesn't turn into a young version of her mother as she grows up. To be fair Sammi is now very obedient, but we certainly had some teething problems with her in her youth.
I enjoyed my walk but was extremely deflated to come and find my appointment for the angiogram at Walton had come through ... 16th of Feb and I need to be there for 7.45am. That could be difficult and I'm not afraid to admit that the thought of this procedure scares me. I really appreciate the after care I'm receiving, but I also want to move on and get on with my life.
That Bridge Again
We Three Young Ones Of Blanik
Come On Guys Loki Is Waiting
Kaiah, Sammi and Loki

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Lin said...

Lets hope Kaiah will still be so obedient in the coming months LOL looks like they had a great time x