Thursday, 26 January 2017

Bad Night For Tali

Poor Tali has had a really bad night. She had me up at 3.30am and again at 7.30am, sadly the second time I was just minutes too late. I do wish she'd shout instead of scratching as it is easier to hear. Thankfully Asha decided to shout which woke me up .. but as I say sadly too late.
I'm now trying to organise to see a vet with her, again! Sadly the vets I have most faith in have both retired and finding the right one maybe difficult. Tali is an old lady, I don't want her messed with I just want the best quality of life for the foreseeable future. She's had all the tests, there is nothing wrong other than damage to her digestive system from whatever that disgusting thing was that she ate in 2013. Knowing what it was back then may have helped at the time, but now I guess it would be too little too late! I don't care if she needs daily medication now, I just want a good quality of life, though to be honest she doesn't seem that affected by it. At Tali's age I just hope they can sort out today for us and we can worry about tomorrow when it comes!


carrie said...

Absolutely. I too was up at 5am and 7am, on call for Ben!!! Once he barks for me, he carries on until I get up and let him out, so on top of everything else feel pretty shattered, but would rather he asked, than not! As u say, if meds are now needed ok.Hope she has a better day today, darling oldie x

Lin said...

So sorry Tali had a bad night and totally agree not to mess with tests etc hope they can find something to help her x