Monday, 30 January 2017

Has She Walked This Way Before?

Yesterday we took Kaiah to a small woodland in Caernarfon near were Ian lives. Ian will hopefully be helping me with handling the "Blaniks" and is enthusiastic about the future .. anyway Tish complete with healing dislocated shoulder was with me and she got him practicing standing Kaiah and she took some pictures.  Bearing in mind it's just friends having fun in the park I'm really chuffed with this and had I thought for one minute that we would have been so successful I'd have taken her red collar off and considered the length of the grass around her front feet! 

A couple of evening ago I decided that maybe I should consider teaching Kaiah some basic commands. She was already familiar with my everyday commands, she knows "Wait," "Gwely," (Bed) "Kaiah Come,"  and "Ahhh" (What I use instead of "NO!" as I find it more effective)  I don't often use sit with my dogs, but to get "down," which I do use, it is generally easier from "sit." So with a treat I showed Kaiah what I wanted and she sat, great, then I tried again, she sat. I couldn't believe it I showed her once and she'd got it! So then from another successful sit I showed her down, on the second attempt she tried it, her front went down but she raised her bottom, I showed her again ... she'd got it! I couldn't believe how quickly she'd picked up the positions; I left it 24 hrs before lesson two, OMG she remembered it all! 
Her obedience on the walks is unbelievable, she runs and plays and has a great time but never goes too far. I've never once thought OMG she's going too far. She comes back with great enthusiasm when she's called, even putting her on the lead is no problem. She jumps into the van at the beginning and end of the walk. Ok I know her age is an advantage and I know she hasn't yet got to 4 months, an age where they do like to start trying it on; and I do know who her mother is and how determined she was to get her own way during that 4 - 8 month old period. (Hence the sarcastic nickname of "Angel" which to be fair she's now grown into)  I would love this to be who Kaiah is, but of course it's best I don't become complacent, it's best I'm always prepared with a pocket full of treats when I have a puppy! How ever the next few months go I have never had such an easy time with a bitch puppy (Boys are so much easier!) and currently I can only imagine other than her jealous streak she will be an easy adult. Remind me of this when I'm pulling my hair out with her won't you!!!!!


Lin said...

Hope Kaiah continues being such a good girl but if I hear you screaming Kaiah I promise I wont laugh x

ian turner said...

yes kaiah is still a little baby and she does suprise me to haw quick she pick things up she is a bright little thing haha love her to bits