Sunday, 29 January 2017

The Morning Routine

Most mornings Kaiah lets us sleep till 8am. Actually it's usually Nico that gives the game away that we are waking and with one shake of his head manages to wake up the entire house.
Every morning hail, rain or shine the routine is the same. Everyone goes out into the yard for a wee and I prepare their breakfasts; their breakfasts are placed in their crates and everyone runs in, back to their own space to eat their own breakfast. Only Tali has to be watched as she occasionally takes a sly mouthful of Loki's breakfast on her way past. Seven out of eight eat like pigs and are finished in seconds, number eight is less enthusiastic and takes his time over everything. Dear Loki's not a breakfast person and he wonders off into the kitchen .. then goes to say "Hi" to Jezi and every morning I have to call him 2 or 3 times to his crate. I shut the door and walk away leaving him to consider when exactly he will eat! I then let Kaiah back out, in her enthusiasm for breakfast she occasionally forgets about going to the toilet.
Cats fed, poo cleaned and it's then time for a cuppa and some toast with Kaiah and Ziva for company. Ziva can break out of her crate and does so as soon as she hears the toast pop out of the toaster! But Kaiah just can't keep still, she runs out of the kitchen, then back in to see the toast. Runs out of the kitchen and again back in. She's really unsure where she wants to be, toast or Loki? Loki or toast? By now Jamie has finished eating and is helping himself to Loki's breakfast. With precision paw action he scoops it out in large quantities and there's always a morsel for a greedy puppy to catch. With 2 thieves outside his crate Loki now considers his options and slowly makes his way through his breakfast, lying down to eat of course. No stress. The other 2 camp outside until he's finished and then move on to find something else to do!

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Lin said...

Loved reading that and visualising your morning and love the pic of Loki having his breakfast while being watched x