Monday, 9 January 2017

Pets At Home

Another successful trip out for Kaiah and Kyle. Though the journey was no better .. they HATE the yellow machine and Kyle was sick on the way there and back, Kaiah drools the whole time! Once into Pets At Home they had a great time jumping all over the shop assistant and looking at the toys and biscuits. Kaiah was fascinated with the rabbits and had a screaming tantrum as we tried to take her away from them, not even the toys could distract her! 
Not the best of photos but it was kind of hard with 2 puppies, a bag and a camera. 

 I Want Rabbit
Pleeeeeease I want rabbit, I don't want to leave


Lin said...

Awwwww think it will have to be a stuffed rabbit Kaiah bet you both had fun there x

carrie said...

How sweet, but sorry to hear they hate the yellow beast.Gryf mongi used to dribble all the time but not on all journeys.Mrs. Hubbard recommended taking him on lots of short trips,
with cage or lead facing side windows. Worked sometimes, once on a long journey he would stop and go to sleep.Arrive here, put him back in later to go out, he dribble again. Just got a good supply of toweks in the end, and he was better in some cars than others.!!! Still expect they will outgrow it, as they are still babies. x