Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Back At The Vets

Yesterday was the little guys second vaccination day, and they didn't even manage to get to Caernarfon without vomiting in the van. At the moment they are both very poor travelers but all we can do is keep going out and about with them. I do wonder if they make it worse for each other being together and tried them in separate crates yesterday, it didn't work!
They were both weighed, Kaiah was 11.4kg and Kyle 11.6kg so not much in it really. They are starting to level out with previous litters now and on looking back Loki was 10kg at the same age. Sadly though she looked hard the vet could not find any signs of the Kyle's second testicle, I must admit I'm starting to feel pretty deflated about it now and thinking further into the best course of action for his future. He's a great little guy and deserves the very best!
Tali has told Sammi off twice this morning, and neither Steve or I saw any reason for her outburst. Sammi was playing with her kids and probably just got on her nerves. To be fair to Sammi she didn't retaliate, God help Tali if she did as Tali is quite the old lady now. Of course Ziva was not about to let it drop and intervened, we are so lucky that she is respectful of us and was quickly called away without anything escalating. God bitches can be awkward! (and Asha? Well she just let it all go over head .. as usual!)

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Lin said...

Such a shame Kyle's other one hasn't appeared will you give him a bit longer ?