Sunday, 1 January 2017

Happy 2017 - I Hope

2016 hasn't half left a bitter taste as it finally came to an end. The year the music died, to name but a few from my era, David Bowie, Colin Vearncombe (Black), Prince, Pete Burns and the one that shattered my world George Michael. The list of celebrities is cruelly endless, lets hope 2017 is kinder to us all.
I came into the year preparing to loose a dog, I even knew there was a risk of loosing two oldies but to loose Mikey left us shattered. Our wonderful happy go lucky Mikey Mikey was stolen from us far far too young and it's left a huge hole in our lives and hearts. Just to stick the knife in a month later we did loose our "oldie" and Finlay fell asleep for the final time in Steve's arms. Our other oldie, Tali plods on, and though she had a bad night (got me up at 3am) she seems her awkward self today. I now have no idea how to control her IBS as she refuses point blank to eat yogurt or tree bark powder!
Of course the year had it's good points, the fact we survived it to start off with eh! Seriously, Asha, Sammi and Loki have all done me proud in the show ring, all qualifying for Crufts, though I'm not sure who will be going. (if any) Asha won Best Veteran in breed at a Ch. show beating the Champion Veteran Male and both Loki and Sammi got their Open Show Merit Certificates. Loki won numerous BIS at Companion show and was hardly beaten in the latter part of the year at open shows. Both he and Sammi where highly placed at Champ shows, won numerous BOB's at open show level and both won groups with Sammi getting a RBIS.
I've enjoyed all the dogs throughout the year, the walks and the fun we have are what makes my life complete.
Jimmy Choo joined us in July, he truly is a little bright spark. Though nervous of strangers he's very much my baby, he's cuddly mischievous and affectionate. Though I do wonder if he'll love me as much shortly as he's booked in to have his jingle bells removed on the 11th of Jan.
The highlight of the year no doubt has been the arrival of the "J" litter. After the roller-coaster ride during the pregnancy we could not have asked for more. A small even litter and sweet little Kaiah charming her way into my heart. The uncertainty still lingers with Kyle, we will give him another few weeks then decisions need to be made. After initially giving the impression that he would like to keep him, Steve dropped the bombshell yesterday when he said that if the testicle does not drop then we will need to re advertise Kyle for sale. I did say it was his choice and he seems to have made the decision. So another month or so here and if there is no second testicle then it will be "Puppy For Sale!" Shit I'm already chocked with emotion at the thought, but if someone else can give him more then so be it!

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Lin said...

A few tears reading that but also smiles as well. It's not going to be easy letting Kyle go if it really comes to that. As for Tali it can't be easy knowing that what's good for her she now refuses , like you can't think of how you can get it down her lets hope she'll decide to have it again x