Friday, 27 January 2017


 I've now started a  discussion on the Brain Hemorrhage support group about Angiograms .. I thought it may help me to ask for peoples experiences. It's one thing the consultant telling you about it, it's quite another to talk to the people who've been there. Anyway not so sure I should have asked now!
 "It's a few years since I had mine but I remember being told to keep perfectly still. They cut a slit in the artery in your groin and then feed the tube up the artery. Throughout the procedure the Doctor doing it was talking to me and watching progress on a screen, so was I so I kept getting told to lie still When it got to travelling up my neck into my brain I got a strange taste in my mouth. Once the tube is in your brain they release the dye and that was quite a strange sensation, I thought a bit like a firework going off in you head...bright colours...I remember saying Wow and getting told AGAIN to lie still! Its not painful. Afterwards you have to lie down for a few hours as your artery has been cut. It's nothing to worry about and not painful at least I did not find it painful. Worst bit for me was having to lie flat for 6 hours afterwards."


Lin said...

Although you know it's not going to hurt it's still very daunting what you have to go through, lets hope that after it's been done then that will be an end to what you have to go through apart from normal check ups. Don't forget you have to be fit and well as we want to go up to the stones this year x

ian turner said...

like you said you know now what to expect but yes still scary it will be worth it