Sunday, 22 January 2017

Yesterday Was The First Show Of The Year ..

.. and I think I'm just starting to warm up! 
Loki was a credible 4th in PGD - keeping up his record of being placed in the first 4 at every single Ch. show that he's attended. He gave a fair performance but was unable to show his great reaching stride as he was boxed in behind 2 slower moving animals, or was it the handlers? The class was set out numerically so there was nothing really that could be done. For me he should have been 3rd or even 2nd, but having never previously done well under this judge I guess I should be grateful.  

Asha had a great time scavenging food from everyone and even managed to get into my bag and ate half the treats! On paper I thought she would be third out of the 4 entered, but because of her excellent performance I was a little disappointed that she was third out of the three present in the ring. I'm the first to criticise my own but on this occasion I feel Asha out moved the other bitches in the class and for me her conformation was no less pleasing. But I'm not blinkered, Asha's colour will always go against her, such a shame, but I was so proud of her and how much effort she put into it all on the day.

Asha's noticed they are getting their butties out! Chance of a sandwich here then!


Lin said...

Well I think the judge was crap LOL glad you had a good day and love the pics x

ian turner said...

i think out of the three we took between us they did us proud but i think asha was a super star