Tuesday, 17 January 2017

To Quote Jamie Lawson

I Wasn't Expecting That ..
Within less than 24 hrs I have had three lots of people interested in Kyle. The first was a friend of a good friend, but through Facebook. She was looking for a dog for her daughter's boyfriends father. Ok he has no access to the internet I can accept that, but the situation already made things complicated and I decided to take it no further.
Then mid afternoon I had a brainwave and contacted a lady I'd know since I first started in the dog club in 1988. (She had Blade's first girlfriend - a GSD called Tara)  Her beloved Rici had died last Summer and they had considered one of the Pwllheli pups a few months later but felt it was too soon. I told her about Kyle and her reply had me in tears. She said that her heart is still broken and she misses Rici with all her being everyday, she also felt that the only way she could begin to heel was to have another to care for, but her husband is more reluctant. She asked me to give her a couple of days to talk to her husband before advertising him, as this would be a fantastic home I gave her my word that I would.
Then in the evening I had a call from John who owns Kai, Asha's brother. His son is looking for a pup and was very interested in Kyle. As I know and trust John I know this would be equally as fantastic a home and future for our precious Kyle. But having given my word to Iris that I will give her 2 days to talk to her husband I can not go back on my word. Both homes would be ideal and I'm hopeful now that wherever he goes he has the best of futures in front of him.
I really want Kyle to go, I really want him to get his perfect home ... but hell I don't want to give him up either. From choice I will not be doing this again, though I still believe it was worth a go this time, but hanging onto a puppy for this length of time makes it's just too painful to let go!

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Lin said...

So pleased that Kyle will land on his paws whichever home ends up being his. I know you will be heartbroken when he goes but I know you're thinking of the life at either home he will have. You always do what's best for your dogs even though sometimes it breaks your heart xx