Thursday, 7 May 2020


Yesterday I started the 7 week old 3 day panacur course for the pups. God I hate giving them this stuff but needs must. I was expecting a pen of diarrhea this morning, but luckily there was nothing other than the usual skidded through poo in the run and a spotless bed. Good Puppies.
I think the weeks of excitement, business and emotion have caught up with my head and I've struggled to get things done the last few days. Some may have received an important e.mail without the attachment .. but that was the least of my malfunctions. Yesterday I burst into tears when for the life of me I couldn't figure out the panacur dose for the puppies. (and honestly it's simple) The frustration at not being able to work out something so basic really gets to me, hell I use to do this for a living in the rescue centre! (And I qualified as a chef so should know my bloody KG) Anyway with hindsight I'm calmer, my new normal is pretty good really and considering that I had to relearn everything from my 3 x table up .. I guess it went OK.
A week to go with the kids, dreading it, it's all going to be so emotional.

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Lin said...

I'm not surprised your head was in a muddle with all you've been doing apart from your usual head that's knocks you for six at times x