Friday, 22 May 2020

9 Week Weigh in

My beautiful little man enjoyed his trip to Pets At Home, he really loved his trolley ride and came home with an antler, some sausages on a string and a soft ball. (Yes another one!)
It never crossed my mind that the Vets Section would be closed until we got there, we'll call it another blonde moment. Ah well he had a trip out and then the bathroom scales it had to be. My little fatty weighing in at 7kg today. I'm chuffed with that to be honest, he was 4.3kg on the 11th of May. Wow .. maybe he is carrying just a tad too much for his size? Ah well he's a greedy baby. 
I have Ross' records down as 6.7 kg at 9 weeks, and Loki was a tad heavier at 7.3 kg. I'm not even looking to see what Kaiah was as comparing her at this age really would be irrelevant. 
Now what shall we do tomorrow Orin? 

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Lin said...

Looks like he's loving his adventures and taking it all in his stride x